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Something that happened to a friend and I (or not)

More or Less

His face

Hiding behind his hands

Not scary to me

I broke him in

So this is nothing to me

Except fun

No, not really

[A Friend]

Now I can’t write

Another way

Can’t get there from here



Hormones and acne


Only care about your sensuality

That spreads too far

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Poems from the hospital

A saphire flower ring for a child with a diamond centre,




A black onyx oval ring


for a teen


A large fake pink fur coat

florescent pink nap sack

red leather wallet

pink sweater

pink and grey plaid pleated skirt

grey pumps

my children are my/the/a /gift/s

My wedding rings that I am no longer wearing

feeling less than

his family

they did a better job

I am not worthy of them

I cannot stop they way things are going

I need to slow this down

to talk to him about some small things

I need from the house

the family home

the dradles and manorah

I cannot go out on thursdaynight

to talk to him about having a toy box

to see about skates

can we rent them?

to see if there are skates for them in the basement

to see if I can have a sled

the baby books

When I wore all of the rings

I was working hard

n ow I don’t wear then/m

now I am not working

on my marriage

And they are for them

if they want them

I don’t want to be in this situation

my expectations are too high

pictures of the beauty there was

I want to feel pride in my children

and not to shame them

to feel pride in myself first might be necessary

to not feel shame about my situation

I have

now that I write about it

felt shame

to be separated from my kids

to get divorced

to have been smoking

to be testing the medication

off label


to have been

to be clawing my way out of a hole

Now I need to feel pride in that my family has climbed out

that we need to still take care of each other

and to look out for each other

even though we are still in our situation

the mummy – dad, new york magic trick, lost

the blanky – mom, thumbsucking, threw it out

the ragady anne doll – in the picture

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