Single Mom

SC 1 INT Apartment KITCHEN Night

Dishes pile up in the sink, cat food on the floor, paint everywhere, canvases, easel etc.. A WOMAN, 40 in jeans and a t-shirt with paint on her hands, is on the phone, drinking wine, smoking a joint and pacing back and forth in the gally way kitchen. Checkerboard floor, windows on one side. She talks somewhat dramatically.


My place is a mess, we all have lice, I think I’m bi, I forgot to send my kid to school in a carnival costume, they’re selling the house we live in and I have to find a place for us to live, I’m dating a 23 year old actor…

She takes a drag of the joint, puts it down, lights a cigarette, stands by the open window inhaling and exhaling quickly.


I’ve gotto go put them to bed.

She hangs up the phone, puts out her cigarrette, lights insense, takes a deep breath, takes a clonazipam and braces herself. As she exits the kitchen she almost trips over their two black cats.


Shit, cats!

sc 2 int apartment night

The living room has CLOTHES AND KIDS STUFF EVERYWHERE. She presses her iphone button as she passes it, no texts, and goes into her kids bedroom. The two girls are jumping on the beds, it’s chaos.


(In a sing song voice)

Ok, time for bed.

4 year old

Ok, Mama pretend I am a pink poodle named Rosie, ok?


Ok, you’re a pink poodle named Rosie.

sc 3 int apartment BEdroom room Another night

The WOMAN is on her knees in bed being fucked from behind.

Sc 4 Int apt tracy lice squad

Sc 5

Sc 6 I have a cottage

SC 7


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