CANDY first draft

Sc 1 ext night. candy came from out on the island in the back room she was everybody’s darling but she never lost her head even while she was giving head hey babe talk a walk on the wild side. Ally way brick wall fire escape stairs dumpster doors.

A YOUNG MAN, CANDY, in his 20’s is giving head to an OLDER MAN, SAUL, in his 60’s dressed in new york drag in an ally way against a brick wall night. He leans against the wall he has black heels and make up on he has a fur stole and evening dress. He looks beautiful. The young man is not dressed in drag. He is wearing a black suit and has long hair, very clean. We see them walk away together once they are finished. The young man swallows and wipes the side of his mouth.


Do you want to go back to the party or go home?


(Smiling, drunk and slurring a bit)

Let’s go home sugar.

CANDY hails a cab. They get in. The streets are shining. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE lined up to go into the party they were just at, RED VALOUR ROPES, CAMERAS FLASHING, STARS EVERYWHERE. The CAB pulls away from the party.

Sc 2 INT CAB. night.

SAUL’s dress is hiked up to his knees. He is laughing as he takes a METAL CASE from his PURSE then a METAL LIGHTER. CANDY checks out his legs which are very shapely.


CANDY, this is for you.

SAUL gives the METAL LIGHTER to CANDY and takes a SMALL CIGAR out of his CASE. CANDY smiles, they kiss on the lips. CANDY lights his cigar. The CAB DRIVER adjusts his rear view mirror, he is a Jewish Indian who came from Isreal.

Cab Driver

(With an Isreali Indian accent)

You can’t smoke in here.


(Laughs inhaling deeply blowing smoke straight out the window)

Do you have any idea who I am?


I know who you are. You still can’t smoke in here. Anyway where are you going?



Ceci n’est pas un cigar

He throws it out the window.


Palmerston Blvd.

SC 3 EXT PAlmerston BLVD.

SAUL pays for the CAB from her purse. CANDY walks around the back and offers her his hand.


Thank you honey.

They walk up the stairs, CANDY helping him walk, we see him start to hunch over and she begins to look more like an old woman. CANDY hooks his arm around his. CANDY begins to look more like a young woman dressed as a man as they enter the house. We see CANDY is wearing light make up.

SC 4 int candy and sauls apartment. night.

CANDY gets out his keys and opens the door for SAUL who now looks like a grandmother. He goes to their bedroom and sits at the vanity which is strewn with a stirofoam head and make up and make up remover, and old phoptographs black and white. He looks at herself in the mirror and begins the process of becoming a man. Taking the wig off, then his make up, then his fur stole and his fake breasts. CANDY comes in in a flowered house coat with his long hair in a pony tail and looks like a young woman. He brings SAUL his terrycloth robe and wraps it around him and kisses him on the cheek.


Would you like a cup of tea?

SAUL looks at CANDY and smiles.


Sure Honey.

SAUL watches CANDY walk away.

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