Last Friday

Friday afternoon in my dream you were on my chair in the kitchen bright light in your suit and hat and beard by the easil and I was in your beard and on you and later still you were in me and then you took down your pants to take a shit and said “I can’t do this right now”, then there were people here and I lost you for a bit, a giant woman naked came out of the balcony her black eye I thought she was arnold in total recal when he was disguised as a woman, she passed through and as she did turned into a naked venus of sorts as she went out the door and down the stairs as I hurried to find her my red coat, she blew me a kiss and left, then you were in me again and we were walking and went to get food and when we sat down to eat I had to go and get my kids, we had to separate, there were kraft dinner boxes shaken at me by the woman behind the counter at the brown diner in a hotel where we had been escorted to through the back staircase and she said, “she is going to make that for them”, even though I’m sure I could have got it better there, and you came out of me, it was a bit chaotic as we parted, i don’t want to be fucked up the ass again

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